Fishes (2)

od 200zł / per night
Max Guests: 2
Min. Booking Nights: 1
podwójne lub pojedyncze
16 m²

“FISHES” is a double room with a private bathroom. It is located on ground floor of building A. Guests can enjoy access to WiFi network.

“Fishes” as a single room is suitable for 2 guests – double or single beds. The combination of “Fishes” with “Butterflies” and “Cormorants” is a convenient solution for larger group. In such combination guests get located on the same floor a large apartment with living room and three bedrooms. It is a convenient solution for a group of up to 8 people.

Rate per night:
200 PLN – low season
250 PLN – mid season
300 PLN – high season

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